International Commentary

The International Commentary  is the main publication edited by the ITPCM.

The International Commentary draws articles, briefings commentaries and reports from scholars, practitioners, policy makers, policy implementers, MA and PhD students worldwide. The International Commentary, strongly field oriented, combines magazine and journal-style design and content. It adopts a mid-term perspective, both local and western, while providing theoretically informed empirical analyses of international issues and crisis theatres. It aims at providing valuable insights and findings, inspiring furhter research and discussion, on often overlooked, less debated or simplistically settled international matters.

Main areas and subjects that fall within the scope of the publication coverage include: Democratisation and Human Rights, Geopolitics and International Relations, Crisis Management and Humanitarian Assistance, Development and Decentralised Cooperation, Development Economics and Natural Resources Exploitation, International Law, Legal Framework and nature of International Missions, role and impact of Civil Society Organisations, Movements, International and Non Governmental Organisations.

The ITPCM International Commentary is published three times annually: in July, December, and March/April. Each issues is devoted to a given crisis-area/country or cross-cutting theme that is chosen by the editorial board according to following criteria: relevance, topicality, significance for the aims and the scope of the publication itself.

The ITPCM International Commentary‘s board is composed by Andrea de Guttry as Scientific Director and Francesco Ceccarelli as Chief Director.