Health Systems Through Conflict And Recovery


Location: Pisa, Italy

The volatility and complexity of conflict and post-conflict scenarios pose unprecedented challenges to health workers – both national and international – who are called to rehabilitate the physical and human health infrastructures. Lack of properly prepared professionals in this field has often resulted in reconstruction efforts characterized by weak analysis, little understanding, inadequate planning and poor implementation.

This Training Course intends to fill this gap as it aims to:

  • Introduce participants to the main features of conflict-ridden environments;
  • Identify and discuss the main features of health systems during protracted crises and recovery processes, and the most common distortions plaguing healthcare provision.
  • Analyse and reflect upon the challenges faced by health actors in countries affected or recovering from a conflict;
  • Introduce participants to recovery processes, to the dangers they pose and to the opportunities they provide for correcting long-standing distortions and creating more efficient and fair health systems;
  • Familiarize participants with the existing literature in this field and stimulate their interest in conducting further research.

For further info on aims, contents, and methodologies please check the Course brochure.


Dates: 7 – 18 April 2014

Application deadline: Applications closed

Course fee:

  • 1.500,00 (one thousand five hundred) Euro for participants sponsored by any organization or their employer.
  • 1.200,00 (one thousand two hundred) Euro for self-sponsored participants.

Working language: English

Number of Participants: max 30

For more information, please check out the course brochure and/or this Prezi presentation.

The list of admitted applicants is available here:


Mr. Matteo Bartolini


telephone number: +39 050 882.655

fax: +39 050 88.26.65