Core Activities



The core of ITPCM activities is the training of human resources involved in conflict and scenario analysis, policy formulation, planning and implementation of programmes and projects – be them sponsored by International Organisations, Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations or carried out within a decentralized cooperation framework – as a key strategy to reduce the gap between the need for doing something and the capacity of responding adequately.

Consulting Services

The ITPCM provides a diversified range of consulting services:

  • learning needs assessment;
  • curricula desing;
  • training courses design and implementation;
  • organisational and logistics support for elections observation missions;
  • drafting mission-specific training and briefing material;
  • project monitoring and evaluation;
  • head hunting, through its wide network of professionals and expert.

Its flexible structure and its wide network allow the ITPCM to deploy in the field on short notice a mobile unit able to respond to emergency training/briefing needs.

Research and Analysis

The ITPCM has become an active forum for the promotion of analysis and research in various fields, including:

  • international response to crises;
  • peace-keeping/peace-building/peace-support/crisis management operations;
  • human rights and international humanitarian law in field operations;
  • administration of justice in post-conflict scenarios;
  • policy analysis and evaluation.

Moreover, a strong focus of the ITPCM’s research activities is on development and cooperation that has acquired great relevance for its attention to the local dimension, the strong emphasis of promoting and enhancing local participation and empowerment and the great potential to mobilize resources and communities.

Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

The ITPCM has a long experience in designing, monitoring and evaluating projects using an approach based on the Project Cycle Management standards. Technical advice is offered on needs assessment, project planning, proposal writing and project monitoring and evalauation. The ITPCM also provides expertise and technical advice on how to best link and coordinate different projects in the same region.