Course Objectives

This course is designed to train participants to work more effectively in field missions by enhancing their professional and personal capacities.

Particular attention will be devoted to introduce them to the specific context of peace support operations, and to strengthen their ability to work in the field as human rights officers and electoral observers.

To improve participants’ personal preparation to serve in the field, classes on safety and security (mine awareness, appropriate behaviour in case of hostage taking, shooting, etc.), stress management, preventive medicine and hygiene, intercultural understanding, will be held.

Training methodologies will include seminars, lectures, role-playing sessions and simulations.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Date: July 1 – 12, 2013

NEW APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 10, 2013 (selected applicants will be notified by 13 June 2013)


Course fee: 1250,00 (one thousand two hundred and fifty) Euros

Working language: English; Number of Participants: 30

The Scuola will notify both successful applicants by May 20th, 2013; Selected applicants must confirm their participation to the Summer School not later than June 3rd, 2013;

The Summer School has been approved by Peace Operations Training Institute.

For more information please download the brochure from the attachments.

Contact Person:

Pasqualetta Campus:;  +39 050 88.26.85 fax: +39 050 88.26.65